Lois Joy Hofmann—now an author, motivational speaker, adventurer, photographer, and circumnavigator—has reimagined and reinvented her life several times. Embarking on an eight-year adventure at sea, this entrepreneur and former CEO discovered higher highs and lower lows than the rollercoaster world she came from. Sailing around the world on a 43-foot catamaran propelled her out of the intense fields of human genetics and biomedical technology and into the thrills, dangers, and bliss of the cruising life. As she shares her passions with others, she inspires them to fulfill their own dreams, whatever they may be.
When not traveling, Lois resides in San Diego, California, and Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. Her author website is www.LoisJoyHofmann.com.
Sailing the South Pacific: http://amzn.com/0984091343
The Long Way Back: http://a.co/2BYEY87
Buy the In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss trilogy: http://loisjoyhofmann.com/shop/

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4 Responses to “About Lois”

  1. Wow, it looks like you’re having some wonderful adventures!

    Cheers to a long and happy life 🙂
    Courtney Hosny

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    1. Thanks, Courtney, for your cheers! I’ve been swamped publishing and introducing my second book, Sailing the South Pacific, http://amzn.com/0984091343, but now I’m planning to continue posting to my blog.


      1. Wow, it looks like a fantastic read! And it looks very well received on Amazon. Congratulations! Do you mind me asking how you went about the publishing process? I just finished my first novel (so, of course, it’s a different genre than what you write), but I would really love some tips as to how to get started with publishing! Did you go through an agent or query directly to PIP Productions?


  2. PIP Productions is partly owned by me, so that was an easy choice. This company only does sailing and adventure travel, creative non-fiction, though. With a novel, you could go the standard route through an agency who interests a publisher, but while waiting for responses, you could also focus on building up your author platform in your areas of expertise that tie into your book. You could even self-publish via Amazon Kindle Direct or similar author services, and go to print later.


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